Hang Shi

PI of School of Science

Associate Professor 

Email: shihang@westlake.edu.cn


Hang Shi was born and raised in Shenyang of China. Hang obtained the bachelor's degree with honors in chemical engineering and technology at Hunan University in July 2008. Then he moved to Peking University and pursued his Ph.D. under the tutelage of Prof. Zhen Yang, focusing on natural product synthesis. In September 2013, Hang joined Prof. Tobias Ritter’s lab at Harvard University as a postdoc to develop novel method for fluorination, as well as 18F-labeling in collaboration with Prof. Neil Vasdev and Prof. Steven H. Liang. In November 2015, Hang moved to the Scripps Research Institute and joined Prof. Jin-Quan Yu’s lab as a research associate, and mainly focused on developing regioselective and stereoselective remote C–H bond activation. Hang joined Westlake University to commence his independent studies in 2018. In 2023, Hang was promoted to Associate Professor.


2024 Huang Yao-Zeng Organometallic Chemistry Award for Young Chemists

2023 Asian Core Program Lectureship Award

2021 Thieme Chemistry Journals Award

2019 Qiushi Outstanding Young Scholar Award